Saturday, July 3, 2010

eASy PeAzY RoWdY GiRL cupcakes!

I've gotten to be pretty known around here for some awesome MaRgArItA cupcakes, and here's the secret to 'em....Rowdy Girl Margarita Mix. (A little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone!) Anyone who knows me knows me I'm a margarita girl...and this stuff is the BEST.
So anyways, I'm asked all the time about my cupcakes....but what kind of Rowdy Girl gives away all her secrets?! Not me, but I've got a back-up recipe I use when I'm just too dang lazy to make the real deal, and honestly it's almost just as good as homemade from scratch.
SOO for Margarita Cupcakes! You're gonna need
A box cake mix (White or yellow, either one)
(and for that Eggs, Vegetable Oil...)
Bag of Powdered Sugar
Two Limes
4 tbsp butter or margarine
and a bottle of ROWDY GIRL margarita mix, of course!
(really you can put any margarita mix, but I pinky promise if it ain't Rowdy're missing out big time!!)

So now do what the back of the box cake says. Put it in a bowl, add the eggs and oil, BUT substitute the water for Margarita Mix!
I cut up and squeeze a whole lime in the batter as well, and add some food coloring cause I like my cakes to be colorful.
Mix it up, and fill up your cutesy little baking cups about half full, and bake until theyre not gooey anymore.

Then have yourself a margarita...or two...or three...but save some for the frosting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now don't frost the cupcakes till they're cool otherwise the icing will get all melty and runny, and it will taste the same, but won't be as pretty.
So mix up about 3 cups powdered sugar, 4 tbsp softened butter, and like 4 or 4 tbsp of Margarita Mix. Mix it up with an electric beater, if it's too runny add more powdered sugar. If it's too thick and stiff, add more margarita mix.
Then squeeze it on the tops and eat em all up!I squeeze in another lime for taste, and just add sugar as needed to get it to right consistency.
Oh and add some food coloring, everyone knows colorful cupcakes taste better anyway.

Or if you want to be cutesy and impress everybody--- stick a mini umbrella and get some of
those little bendy straws and cut 'em in half and stick em in the cupcakes. I don't recommend
trying to to drink the cupcake through the straw, but whatever floats your boat.
Also, HEB has dried kiwis that when cut in half...look like little lime slices.(that's what I used in the first picture!) Just an idea ;)

Now for the PINA COLADA cupcakes!

1. Do everything you did for the margarita cupcakes, just substitute rita mix for pina colada.
And instead of limes, use rum and voila!

I'll say it again this is my BACK UP recipe! Any cupcakes you see in the shop or I make for
customers are from scratch, using a box mix makes me feel like a dirty liar.....but there's those
times when I'm up late working on the website til 2 am and I'm dyinggg for something sweet and wal-marts too this is the second best and quickest fix for my sweet tooth. My real recipe goes with my to the grave, but really any "from scratch" recipes will do!

P.S.S. You can have alot of fun with can add all kinds of drinks, flavors...
Like these...PEACH margarita cupcakes! YUUUUM yum!

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