Thursday, July 22, 2010


Alright you junker/bloggers.

I don't know how you do it.
Takin' action shots of your junkin' adventures.
I just can't do it.

My hands are just too full, and my minds jumpin too fast.
I really thought about taking pictures of my last junkin' trip, I really really did.

But you see, I've got some shoulder problems that started back in March.
I first thought it was my heavy purse. So after letting it rest forever, I had compacted all my necessities into a smaller purse,
and had been carrying it on my other arm.

It wasn't until LAST MONTH I realized how my shoulder was still killing me at the end of every day and the true culprit?

Yes, that's right. My mass amounts of bracelets.
Tragic, right? Queen of sparkles can't get her bling on with her arms anymore.

Anyways, so no sparkly bracelets and no big purses until my shoulder gets better.
So that means I gotta carry around my big ol wallet with me everywhere. So that takes up one arm.

The first shop we go into I'm already seeing a problem..

This hand holds the wallet, and this hand will hold that super cute deer figurine.
Oh, I want those two records. Okay armpit holds wallet, one hand holds records, other holds deer.
AND THAT PICTURE! Mouth holds wallet, armpit holds records, hand hold deer, and other holds picture.

See? No place for camera.
However, my mom did attempt to take a picture. And you can see how that turned out here:

See my lime green boots? haha

Do you other junkers/bloggers have 3 arms or something?! Or maybe a camera on your head, I just don't see it.
I see the pictures of the junk ya'll find and some of ya'll still SMILING while junkin.
Now I'm happy when I'm junkin', but ya'll this is serious business and it can be very dangerous.
Especially if other junkers are wantin that same vintage quilt you're lookin' at, and then it's a mad race to see who can grab it first
and then a battle of strength (yours vs theirs vs the threads on that quilt)

So to those of you picture takin junkers...
I applaud you, and admire you, and am so jealous.
I don't know, maybe south Texas junkin' is a whole different world.
Maybe other parts of the world it's just pleasant, but sugar junkin' down here is a contact sport.

I've seen my own mother elbow a woman in a junk store.
(To her defense, that woman was a regular at this junk shop and had elbowed us PLENTY of times before, and believe me whatever piece of junk we were elbowin' each other was so worth it!)

So anyways, here's a couple of my finds.
I feel like I had so much more but I don't know where they went.

I was so excited about this one...I had found one that was the exact same size and similiar to it at Warrenton last fall:

So now they both hang in my bedroom =D

I don't know what I'm going to do with that thing yet. I do know I am removing those awful flowers.

AND okay, this wasn't really "junk" but it was a bargain. $20!!!!!
And it's so freaking cute in person. The lamp shade on the outside is solid, so when its off it's just that burlap showing...but when you turn it ON....
Camo shows through!
And the deer! He's so cute!
He was on clearance because the tip is broken on one of his antlers.

But do I care? NOOOOOOOOO. He's perfect =D

I got some other junk, but it was just little odds and ends and they're all put away (and I can't find some of them...) and I'm lazy. But these were my best finds, so whatever.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Mom for telling the whole world about that whole elbowing another woman thing.


  1. I love your sparkly bangles~Hope your shoulder heals quick!
    I love, love, that "Aint no Sunday school" picture-thats precious~

    Xo Kel

    Oh, your mom elbowing that lady will be our little secret~Shh.. :)

  2. cute, cute, cute!!! Sorry about your sholder problems! I have been having jaw problems!lol!!! I don't take pictures when I go out! No time for all that! haha!

    Hey! Sometimes you just gotta get "STREET" with people! haha!!!!

    Love ya!

  3. girl I so know what you mean about posting comments! My computer has been acting crazy!

  4. I love my bracelets and big fat shiny rings also..
    funny post and Great finds!!!
    Have a great weekend