Monday, July 5, 2010

new pillow!

I got a new pillow....well, technically I designed and mommy sewed me up a new pillow as I suck at sewing and tend to break the machines alot, but anyways I got a new pillow! And I love pillows, like alot alot. I have a really really hard time passing them up if I see one that matches all my stuffs.


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  1. girlfriend!! I love your new pillow!!! Thank you so much for coming to my little ole blog!!!! I loved the rowdy maui store! There is nothing like that here in SC at all! Hopefully one day i can open my own shop!!! I have always wanted a cool consignment shop! I would love to also sell new stuff too like that margarita mix sista!!!! I swear my butt belongs in Texas! Your blog is really cute too! I'm still new to blogging and need a cool background and header bad! so nice meeting you!
    all that glitters