Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rowdy Girl Candles

Somehow the little wireless switch thingy on my laptop is BROKEN, it just slides all over the place and won't connect to the internet, so I'm waiting on this little switcher thingy fixer that should work. If not, then...I don't know I haven't thought that far. Anyways,we finally got in our ROWDY GIRL CANDLES we had custom made for us.
Anyone who knows me, knows I am a candle addict. Well, anything smelly-good addict. Candles, reed diffusers, oil lamps, you name it, I'm addicted. So for the longest time I've been trying to find a line of candles to sell in the shop that are different from the ones you find in every gift shop in America and that the scent actually fills up a room.
AND FINALLY I have them! They are PERFECT! Right now we'll just be carrying 3 scents, but we're already brainstorming our next ones, there's "Hellraiser"
This is my most absolute favorite favorite FAVORITE smell ever.
Very heavy leather and spices, John Wayne would approve!!!
Definitely a unique scent, very addictive and I've got this one burning ALL the time....can't get enough!

Then we have "DRUNKEN MERMAID"
 Our original name for it was "Mermaid Tits" but felt that some people might not like that so well (I still think it's hilarious) and funny thing is, Facebook deleted the original image of this because it was "offensive" as you could see the Mermaid's boobs. 
So now they are covered up. Anyways, this one's really sweet. Like Pina Coladas on a summer night at the beach. Yummy!!

We've got one more that's still being perfected called "Lola's Cantina"

And honey these are the cutest candles you ever did see. Just finished the labels and adding some little goodies to them and I'll post some pictures once they're completely done....

Hope everyone is having a fantastic week! <3


  1. That is awesome!! I love smellygood pretty candles also.
    I can't wait to see the finished products, are they for sale?

    Happy Thursday

  2. I love candles!!!!! I love the scents you came up!!!! I think I would love the Hellraiser kind myself. I can't believe you can't show mermaid tits! lol! There is lady here that has a antique shop and she make her own candles herself! She use to pay someone to make them for her but she figured out how to do them herself has hasn't stopped! Love the ball jar there in too!

    Also, I'm lovin your music! I love the Janedeer girls! But what I'm really lovin is Welcome to the Jungle! That was the theme to Homecoming week when I was a senior in high school and I won homecoming queen! I was a band geek too well I was colorguard anyway! I was shocked! Did it for nothing but fun!

  3. Kacie, thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm so new at blogging, that anytime someone stops by I do a rock~a~billy jig. Love the names of the candles. Just gettin ready to read your old post. Great to find you!