Sunday, July 18, 2010

Skeletons, Weddings and Neon Undies! Oh My!

Let's see...What have I been doing....

Well, I painted this.

Been working on several other paintings as well. Friday was my friend Krystyna's wedding here in Rockport

So being the little diva I am, I planned my outfit a good two weeks ahead of this. Little yellow and pink dress, I even fixed me up some boots to match. Knew which jewelry I was gonna wear and had it all hanging neatly.
Took it all to the store with me on Friday, thinking it would only take me maybe 15 minutes to dress, retouch makeup, fluff my hair and put on my boots and go. 
Note to self--neon panties do not go with light colored dresses.
Needless to say, we had to make a last-minute emergency run to walmart in search of some not-so-loud undies.
I thought it'd be no problem to find some decent nude colored undies at walmart, I see them hanging all the time next to the clothes.
I was wrong.
All that was available was those big ol granny panties that go way up past your boobs. Hell to the no, I was not wearing those.
Did I get any help from my friend? Of course.
On his hands and knees desperately trying to help me find some that would work. 
Just kidding. 
He was absolutely no help.
The entire time I'm franctically searching for something decent and in my size, he's dancing around chanting very loudly "GRANNY PANTIES GRANNY PANTIES!" 

And then....God smiled down on me and the angels started singing...HALLELUJAH! I found some non-granny panties that were in a light color. IN. MY. SIZE. 
I was so happy. Grabbed 'em without another thought and we rushed out.

Another note to self--Walmart sizes are not the same as Victoria's Secret's.

 Victoria's Secret says I'm a small....
Walmart says otherwise.Those things were cuttin off the circulation in my butt, no joke.
But I suffered through, and thankfully I don't think you can see the pain behind my smile haha

Didn't get many good pictures at wedding...I suck at this. Sorry Krystyna! 

That's the best shot I got of the bride in her painted boots
It was a real cute little ceremony, looooove that TREE! And I wish I had gotten a picture of her two ginormous and amazing cakes....dumb me. 

And the flower girl, Ada sitting with her Grandma Jodi (wearing painted boots!) and her husband.
This little rowdy girl is hilarious. Walking down the "aisle" she didn't toss out a single petal.
Ceremony starts, and she's throwing handfuls way up in the air and all over the place. (See the pile below their feet) hahaha 

The rest of the weekend was spent eating too much food and watching movies...the usual ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend <3


  1. You know, I found your site through someone else and you make some really killer stuff! I like your paintings alot! Glad I found your site! Have a awesome Monday!

  2. Thats hysterical!! I laughed out loud when I read that cause the same thing happened to me once. I went to the flea market in an outfit and my red undies were showing through... I looked at my hubby and said "why didn't you tell me?" He said he didn't notice it until we were out in the sunlight...I about died! :) lol
    Your blog is cool as s**t!! I will definitely be back to read some more.
    The boots you got here are cool!

  3. Girl! I'm dying laughing here!!!! Your outfit looked great and the boots was awesome!!!! I loved that tree too!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

  4. Hey you... I've been out of kilter. I emailed you about the long horn painting... email me with an address and an amount for the money order to cover that item I wrote about.



  5. LOVE this painting!!!! loving your blog...will follow....take care!!!

  6. Hey there! Just stumbled across your blog while looking for info on painting boots! I am from Port A and love boutiquing in rockport, I will have to come see your store! Do you mind me asking where you got that fabulous short Mexican dress? I LOVE it!