Saturday, August 21, 2010


Rowdy Maui has a new employee....

Well, we did yesterday anyways....
My friend Heather needed a babysitter for her sweet little girl Kylee and OF COURSE we said we'd do it!
I just adore this little angel!

She found a bait bucket in the "man cave" which became a super awesome noise maker toy when you put a starfish in it. 

She's our official "Rowdy Baby" model...
The first pictures she had on our "Too Much Like My Mama" tee, and ruffle socks.
Then while I was gone helping waitress at a little shop a few doors down, Mom dressed her in our embellished zebra pants and pink deer tee.

Ive got tons more little girl stuff coming in and that we're working on...can't wait to share it all!

Have a great weekend!


  1. She is too cute!!! I know y'all had your hands full too!!! I would be so broke if I had a girl! Those clothes was too cute!!! You look great girl!!! Rockin the snake skin boots!

    Have a great weekend!!!

    Home slice Jenn!

  2. Kacie, that baby girl is adorable. I'd say bring her on over too. Can't wait to see the little girl stuff.
    Have a great week!

  3. Kacie, just found your super cute blog, love it!!! I'll be coming to Texas for the first time in month and can't wait! Hope to run into you and see your cool gypsy goods! I'll be at Zapp Hall, see you down the road!

  4. You two are just adorable!!! Lovin' the boots girl:)

  5. So...I googled something for Rockport and this blog came up!!! How crazy is that! That is my little baby girl and thanks for all the sweet compliments and THANKS to those beautiful Stanford women for helping me out in a crunch!!I didn´t even know it was on here!