Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gypsy Brocante and a Fresh Start

So this week has been....not the easiest. Dealing with some unexpected heartbreak, and trying
to find myself and a new direction. Just gotta remember--everything happens for a reason.
Thankfully I've had alot of support from my family and friends to keep me motivated. Unfortunately for me, I had started dieting and eating all that healthy junk with my mom two days prior to the "break up."
So this.......
Was a no-no. Girl can't even drown her sorrows in a tub of ice cream.

Yea, I know. Way to kick someone when they're already down, right?! 
So late last night when I got home, I got a real big pick-me-up.

Now you ladies now what really helps with a broken heart....


I'm talking stinkin' cute, handmade, awesome, squealing when it comes in the mail jewelry. 

And Miss Jill over at Gypsy Brocante....such a sweetheart and amazing at what she does. 
OH I'll just shut up and let her work speak for itself!!!!!!!
How freakin' adorable is that?!?!
She used old dishes, old chains, old keys, and RHINESTONES!   ooohhh I just love me some cute vintage goodness turned into something completely new (and matches my most favorite pair of boots too!!)
and the key...has a LION on it! Totally didn't even notice it when she first posted pictures, and I have to say the pictures totally don't do these babies justice. I mean they look awesome in pictures, but in person....Like I said, I squealed after I ripped open the envelope. Jill, I cannot thank you enough! 
If you haven't checked out this awesome lady and her awesome goods,  get on over to Gypsy Brocante  (and her Blog!) She's got just the cutest stuff, and makes some of the neatest jewelry and accessories. Definitely fit for gypsies!!!!!!!!! So what are you waiting for? I'm done tellin stories, so now go shopping and buy yourself somethin' pretty!!!!!!! 

See? Not only is her jewelry gorgeous, but it causes you to smile like a kid in a candy store. 

And hopefully *fingers crossed!!!* I'll have some really, really exciting new to share....
when one door closes, another one opens.....

And I'll be opening a BIG ONE. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week <3


  1. Awww Kacie ~ I hope all is well soon. Sorry for the heartache.
    : )
    The icecream will make you feel better!!!

  2. Oh Lordy Kacie, look at you!! You are just as sweet as those cherries ... I do believe this necklace was made just for you and meant to be yours! ... maybe that little lion on the key will help you fight your heartache ... just remember, he's a symbol of the lioness survivor within you ; ) ... be strong girlfriend, time heals.


  3. Only know you Kacie through our bloggin world and love of junkin, but sorry for your sweet, lil broken heart!! And I am a firm believer that when one door closes, another one opens and is usually for the better!!! And that necklace is to die for CUTE! I LOVE it! Happy Days and Happy Junkin! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  4. Rhut Rho... that doesn't sound good... I'm so sorry... :o(

    We never expect things like that to happen...

    Did my payment make it out to you? I've been gone on an extended road trip to New Mexico and Texas...

    I hope all is well...


  5. girl! if you ever need to talk you can always shoot me an email!!!! Sending hugs your way! Even though i don't like touching people!!!haha!!! I'm really lovin your necklace though!!!


  6. So sorry! I have soooooooooooo been there. The last time it happened I met my husband five months later. Turned out to be the best break up EVER. :)