Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lil bit of an update

Nothin' new, or exciting, or even really interesting going on here.

Went to the beach on Sunday...

Did a little more babysitting yesterday and today....
Poor sweetie had a fever yesterday, but nothin' will stop a girl from shopping!
I swear she tried on every boot in the store. She had her heart set on a pair of baby blue ostrich ones....that were like a men's 11!!! I think she shares the same shoe motto as me..."AS LONG AS THEYRE CUTE...THE REST DON'T MATTER!"

Started to give my bathroom a makeover...

Cabinets done.....walls.....not done. Will do tomorrow...or the next day. 
SOMETIME next week?! Whatever

Actually, that's really what I should be working on now.
Instead, it's this------
Cuddling, watching tv, and blogging with my doggy Marlin. 

He's happy, I'm happy, hope ya'll are happy and havin' a great week =)


  1. nothing like hangin out with the four legged best friends!
    Have a great weekend