Wednesday, September 8, 2010

George Fever

We've got GEORGE fever over here at Rowdy Maui! 

We've got our "re-rocked" sparklin' vintage concert tees as well as signs and some "All My Ex's Live in Texas" burnout tees!


 Every time we run to Walmart or Heb we ALWAYS keep our eyes peeled, just hopin' and wishin' we'd see George grocery shopping there. *sigh* Almost five years here and NOT ONCE.
A friend of mine who's family has a house down here and both her and her sister have been on a George hunt since they first stepped foot in Rockport years ago.... well a couple months ago she told us how she was out for her morning run when a man on a bicycle started riding right next to her.......and she looked over and there he was....
Of course, she said she was just so shocked she was unable to say anything. (If it were me, I'd be tryin' to chat up a storm or offer him a pair of painted boots HA!)  
 We have people come in the store everyday in the summer asking where he is, where's his house, where does he hang out.
Seriously, forget Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster or those silly UFO's....GEORGE STRAIT IS OUT THERE!!!!! 

And then there's people who claim to see him out in "disguises" around Rockport.
Hmm........makes me question that little old lady in the catfood aisle..............

So I guess until the day he walks in our store and says "Kacie, I want me a pair of those painted boots!"
His face on all these awesome shirts will just have to do. 

Hope all ya'll are having a great week!


  1. Then that makes two George's that I love who dwell in Texas!!!
    Who knows, George could walk in some needing some fancy boots and a candle. : )
    Great shirts. Have a great week.

  2. Love your post!! I met George years ago before he ever became famous......he was waiting in line behind my hubby and I at a well known restaurant in Ft. Worth! I had on this crazy, wild western shirt with fringe no doubt and he really liked he said! We all talked a little and then went our separate ways! Little did we know what would become of him!!! Great Texas Guy for sure!!! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. I love George too! In fact I have a good friend that is obsessed! Hopefully you will see him soon! Oh! I got Gracen's costume picked out! He's going to be a John Deere tractor! With real light on it too! The baby is going to be a cow! I might be sending you galvanized buckets your way real soon if that's alright!

    Take care!!

  4. Awesome!! Love the "T"....Everytime I hear that Texas song, it reminds me of my ex. Though he doesn't live there, he was born in DFW!! lol...I always change the lyrics just a bit... ;D

  5. I haven't listened to much of his more current stuff, but I love the old stuff..."Baby Blue," "You Look so Good in Love", "Amarillo by Morning" AND of course "I Cross my Heart"

    AND, he is just SUCH A GOOD GUY...not many celebrities are as nice...