Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ohhhhhh my goodness. Ya'll know what I'm talkin about right?

Cannot wait to see this sign in person.....and all the wonderful treasures just past it! I'm like a little kid just before Christmas, I can't sleep, I can't eat (okay I'm lying, I can definitely eat!) and I'm just biting my nails in anticipation cause I can't WAIT! I'm so excited! 

I won't have a booth this year unfortunately, but I will have a few things for sale in my friend Penny's booth. 
I'll have all my guitars like theeeeeeese:

I'll have some other painted junk.....some of theeeeeesseee:

Penny will have all of her fabulous handmade jewelry, and her own artwork! She's a Frida Freak, and has some super fun works liiiike.......
Isn't that darling???? She also has some adorable clothing, vintage accessories, cute painted leather purses...
Located in Dillard's Field riiiiiight on Dillard's Porch! She's got a little sign out by the road that says GAUDY CHIC! Definitely go check out all the goods! Penny is one wild woman, but she's such a sweetie so go tell her hi!!!!!  (And let her know I sent ya!!)  

Now ya'll probably won't see me in her booth very much, cause I plan on doin' some serious shopping.
So you might see me out in one of the fields or browsing through on the look out for a loud bleach blonde hoochie mama in boots with her arms full of dead animals....I know, I know, there's alot of those during antique week.....maybe I'll just borrow Daddy's viking helmet from junk prom last fall to set myself apart...
My mom looks thrilled doesn't she? HA! We had so much fun! I remember after junk prom a friend and I went back into La Grange and were in line for a pizza at a gas station (it was the only place open!!)....and we got to talking to the woman and man behind us. They had also just come from junk prom and we were all saying how much fun we had etc etc, when out of her husbands mouth "Did ya'lll see that crazy guy in the viking helmet?!"
And I was able to proudly claim him as my father. 

Now I'm making a list and checkin' it ten hundred times of the different places and people I MOST DEFINITELY HAVE TO VISIT during antiques week.
Let me know who's goin, if ya got a booth, how to find ya, even if you're just goin to junk prom....let me know!!!
Would LOVE to meet all ya'll!


  1. Oh my, love the story about your Dad and the viking hat! Everyday I get more and more excited! Love your creations, you are super talented. Hope to meet you, I'll be at Zapp Hall with my gal Paris Montana!!
    HUgs, Tricia

  2. Hey Girl...
    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog & helped me on my decision to fly or drive. Looks like this crazy Cali Gal will be hittin the road. That's what the bloggy friends want & that's what they'll get. {I just want all their phone numbers just in case I can't make it back & they have to come & pick me up, lol}
    Your guitars rock!!!! I can't wait to see them & since I will be at the prom, you'd better at least tie the viking helmet to your belt buckle so I can recognize you! lol
    This is my very 1st time so if your excited you can imagine how EXCITED I am...gonna burst. I wanna leave right now. Soon grasshopper, soon!
    Big Hugs & see ya in TEXAS!!!! Yippppeeee I Ki Aye......

  3. Ohhhhhh how I wish I could go!!! Wa wa wa...but we will be in Canton, and that is usually a BIG weekend for us!!! Love your style of guitars.......Happy Junkin...Cathy aka GGJ

  4. Hey there, it's most definately not too late to sign up for the blog party. Looking forward to meeting you. Isn't this exciting, so exciting, I think we are heading to Warrenton tomorrow just because we are sssssooooooooo ready!!!