Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marburger and My Birthday Party at Cabelas

It started raining cats and dogs here this afternoon....of course, not until it was time to close up and head home, and I got SOAKED to the bone....but guess what came in the mail today????

That's right! A BIG YELLER ENVELOPE! With my name on it! And it came first class so it must be important.....

I get in Marburger for FREEEEE! And I will receive press credentials!.....I'm not gonna lie, I ain't real sure what that all means, but it sounds important and makes me feel special. YEE HAW!
(And seeing my blog name at the bottom made me giggle) 
Those folks also sent a free tshirt! How sweet!
 Totally rockin' that 'wet dog' meets 'drowned rat' look....but the shirt is cute! 

Okay, so it's not like they just randomly saw my blog and thought "OH MY GOSH, KACIE. WE LOVE YOU, HERE'S SOME FREE TICKETS." (I bet they secretly think that though.....I wish!)
The oh-so-wonderful Miz Fancy over at Cactus Creek posted awhile back about Marburger, and if you blogged about your upcoming trip you could get some free tickets....and you know I'm allllllll over that. 

So I am all kinds of excited ya'll. I'm ready to go NOW!

And guess where I spent my 22nd birthday on Tuesday??

Yep. Cabelas.
We went up to Austin to visit my Grandma and left that night so we could "beat the Austin traffic" in other words.....we wanted to get away from those crazy drivers so we could be the first ones in the door at Cabela's when it opened the next day.
We got a hotel right across the street. 

My mom and I have a tradition of "freeing the animals" everytime we go there. In other words, we take all the stuffed animals for sale and put them with the real stuffed animals. Someone wised up though and put all the stuffed fish pillows in a big bin next to the fish aquarium, that kind of ruined it.
What?  I wanted pillows to match my new chair cushions. 

Kidding, kidding. They did want to come home with me though.

I got antlers too. 
We've been having a really good laugh over this one cause that man looked exactly like my daddy, only with greyer hair. 
Yes, I know. I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy, but come on. If there was a big zebra ass, you would take a picture with it too!!

And my birthday night was spent at some Captain appreciation dinner with my parents. Free steak dinner and open bar.....hell yes.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 


  1. Oh my gawd!! girl I'm laughing my big butt of over here at you!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! f course you have to have your pic took with a big zebra ass!!! haha!! I hope you had a lot of fun this weekend! Can't wait to see pics of the Junk prom and other stuff this week!!!

  2. OMG, you crack me up! Happy Birthday! Hope we get to meet at Zapp Hall. I'm sooooo excited!!! Leaving wednesday!!!
    Hugs, Tricia
    Vintage Bliss

  3. Looks like a fun sweet grandbaby that I had on my blog lives in Austin! Have fun on your trip to Marburger, and I can't wait to see your pics when you return! Cathy aka GGJ

  4. happy 22nd birthday! I love this post Kacie.. funny girl.

  5. I've been on vacation and by the looks have missed everything. Happy belated birthday Dear Kacie...and can't wait to see and read the press release from Marburger.

  6. Lovely post, Kacie, have a happy happy Birthday! xx