Monday, October 18, 2010

From Cupcakes to Cowboys...

I know, I know, I know. I swore LAST TIME that it was for real the LAST TIME I would change the decor. I was sticking with this til the end of time (or atleast another year or two...) WEEELLLLL.....

Bye bye cupcakes!

I can't believe I actually said that....

or moreso believe I actually got rid of all the pink!

***now all the before pics were taken before Christmas last that's the reason for the trees and snowflakes etc etc...the cupcakes stayed up though!!!***





LOOOVE this print from Virgins Saints and Sinners!! 

Couldn't find a "before" pic of my bottom cabinets...but they were ALLLL bright pink. Now they are:

Anyways! Before:
 And after:
Antler candle holders, baby picture, mason jar soap pump thingy; and old tractor seat above the toilet. 
not sure if moosey is staying there, he might go in the bedroom. 
and that wreath hanger majigger on the  mirror is there temporarily until i finish it


Ohhh little cupcake tree..I miss you
  antlers and some...ball things.
I loooove it all!
 Doesn't everyone have a tequila bottle in their bathroom?! HA
Anyways, got the pistols in as well.. and see that adorable bottle back to the right?
Got that pretty from the awesome Miz Tricia of Vintage Bliss during Warrenton!!! It's perfect for me right?! Skulls and pearls and rhinestones!  

I'm not gonna lie....I do miss getting ready in the morning surrounded by all the pink and pretending like I was Barbie in her dream house bathroom, but I LOVE my bathroom now. Much simpler, matches the bedroom, and I just adore it. 

Well...I guess that's it. Hope ya'll are all having an awesome week!!!!!


  1. Howdy Partner!!! Your bathroom looks great!!! Yee haw!

  2. Love it all!!! I also use hides for bath mats in my bath the shabby mixed with a lil Texas flair!!! Cathy aka GGJ

  3. I ADORE your new bathroom!!! Oh so coool girl & I really love the finish on the cabinets. Did you do that??? Soooo cooool...well done cowgirl!
    Smiles & a Cupcake,

  4. It all looks gaw-geous! The steerhead bottle fits so perfect. You can still get your princess on in there!
    Love it!