Friday, October 22, 2010

Gary Allan!

 Had a BLAST last night at the Gary Allan concert in Corpus!!! 
As you can see I am a happy camper.

We had to wait on Keevin to get dressed so Jayme and I just took pictures of ourselves. There's about 10 others identical to this one.
And then we were off! 

Okay, so maybe him taking so long to get ready paid off. He looks pretty darn cute, right?! 
Anyways, enjoy these super high quality professional photographs I took of the concert.
This is Randy Houser, in case you couldn't tell
 And the mega fine Gary Allan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I loved his jeans...they were really cute haha

It was a really great concert and we had sooo much fun...can't wait to do it again!

And tonight?
The puppy likes to cuddle.


  1. Hot dog!!! Dang he was pretty dang cute!

    Glad you had fun sista!

    Dang again!!! I had to retype this dang word verifcation 3 times and I can't spell!

  2. Cute post, all of it! LOL Cathy aka GGJ

  3. cool! I haven't seen Gary Allan in years... love your stuff.

  4. yup ~ he is cute all right! Looks like you had a fun time ~
    Happy Halllllllllllooooweeeeeeeeeen.