Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Junk Prom!

SUPER FUN NIGHT. I even was mistaken for Miranda Lambert on my way to the portapotties...

 with my daddy
and Penny! the mastermind behind Gaudy Chic, where I had some of my goodies for sale!
This woman is a hoot, she's so crazy fun, and she dressed up as a MERMAID....oh my gosh. TAIL AND ALL!
Dayna saved us some money....she flirted with an older man and in return he bought us both a beer. Awesome. 
I never thought about it, but I think I may have to use that trick when I go out now.

That's us with that older man.....kidding, kidding! That was a cute police officer telling everyone to leave at the end of the night....but we weren't leaving without getting a picture with him!

Can't wait for the spring show =)

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  1. Girl, you should've taken that super cute police officer home-wowzers! He was yummy! COngrats on the article. You gotta post in January so us far away folks can see!
    HUgs, Tricia