Friday, October 8, 2010

Just Junkin'

 So as ya'll all know, my real home is in those fields. Rain or shine, or insane humidity....we stop at nothing.

Meet Bessie. Best $20 I've ever spent, I must say. She came from Sony in California and was used as a I like to pretend she's a celebrity in the stuffed animal world.
The trip iteself was AWESOME. We were able to stay almost for the entirety of the show, and sold alot of our goods (in fact, we're completely OUT of western shirts! Rowdy Mama and I have alooooot of work to do!) My guitars went to new homes, and I met alot of really awesome people.

Unfortunately I'm a complete MORON and didn't get pictures with half of them. I fail at blogging, ya'll.
I did attend Theresa  of Garden Antique's Blog Party (we even bought an awning from her!), and it's the first time I've ever gone to one, let alone met anyone in person from the blogger world. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of nervous since I've never done these things and didn't really know many people since I'm still so new at this......but someone really cool recognized ME.
And oh my gosh. She knew exactly who I was! And didn't run the other way when I came walking up  (okay no one really did that, I made it up) Anyways, I was thrilled to death to finally meet her and the fact that she knew me and wanted to talk to me...ahh! So cool, made my day!!
Perhaps you've heard of her.... the fabulous Jill of Gypsy Brocante?!

That lady right there is just as sweet as pie. AND she's super talented. Look at her little car necklace....ahh so cute. And she made my necklace as well =)
She had her little booth set up at the blog party, and let me tell you....for me, food comes before anything EVEN shopping. BUT this one time, shopping took precedence because HELLO?! Look at all this purty stuff...

I bought me one of them flowers there and I swear wore it nearly everyday; even had it on my dress at Junk Prom!
After I got some shopping out of my system and visited with Jill for a little time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made some little chicken and cheese pie pockets which were completely gone when I walked back over about 30 minutes later.

I also met Tricia of Vintage Bliss...and that woman I tell ya, she is so funny! Immediately after I told her who I was, it was like she'd known me forever and just is so friendly and sweet. And her booth was darling, and she was with her buddy Heidi of Paris Montana...and that girl's jewelry is to die for! Not to mention her little airstream is just too darn cute! Some super talented women right there, ya'll! I should have gotten pictures with them....again, I'm an idiot. But here's a picture of the bottle I did buy from Tricia...and I just looove it.
That night Rowdy Mama and I were able to hang out with some awesome ladies at Zapp hall. Julia from Bay Window in Rockport (la-la-looove her!) her super sweet daughter Ashley, Heidi of Cloverleaf Boutique, Kelsey of Chaotique, even Carolyn Westbrook was at the table for awhile! Pretty damn cool...and we got free beer! Heck yes!
AND Julia and Ashley were both wearing one of our western shirts! Again, no pictures. Stupid, stupid me. 

Thumbs up for deer butts!

The next night my mom and I wandered around Zapp hall as we had NO television where we were staying and were awfully bored and guess who I met that night?

That's right, the duct tape queen herself---Robelyn of Red.Neck Chic
And I was faced with a big, big dilemma....WHICH PURSE DO I GET!? It was NOT an easy decision...I wanted them all! Of course, I ended up getting wildest one I could find with the most fringe!
Seriously, this woman has theeeee cutest bags ever, and they are so insanely well-made and put together. Not to mention, she's so nice and gave me some bloggin' advice.  I tell ya, smartest, cleanest, purtiest redneck I done ever met. 

Me and this purse are a perfect match right?! Cowhide, sparkles, AND LEOPARD?! This is straight up deep fried, down south, redneck couture ya'll!

Yea, I know. I can't manage to take a single picture with any of the awesome people mentioned above...but I get one with this guy. I have problems.

If there was an award for best smelling booth, this one would get it right here.

Some koozies I just had to have....hehehe

New bathroom decor....was told this was from an old metal patio table? I just thought it was awesome.
I'll have a post soon of my completed bathroom makeover =)

These last ones were all taken with my cellphone, so forgive the crappy quality...
Penny takin a quick nap in her booth.

 I took this one in the back of the truck and sent it to everyone telling them Mom hit a deer and to check out our supper.
Bessie in my bed.

 This always makes me think of the Island of Misfit Toys....kinda spooky, but insanely awesome.
Of course we always get a body or an arm or too to play with at the store.
 That's all I got for now.
The mini cupcakes I made for this weekend are calling my name so I must answer. 

Have an awesome weekend everybody!!!!!!


  1. Kacie you crack me up!!!! Looks like a fun time. I wist there were places like that near baltimore. The only thing you'll find in this city are chicken shacks and pawn shops. lol
    Those baby doll heads ARE scary.. I love it.
    Happy cupcaking!

  2. I swear, I love reading your blog!! The pics are awesome and I know you had a big ole time!!! Have a junkin good ole weekend!!! Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  3. Only you would have a thumb up a deer butt! hahaha!!!! I love your crazy ass!!!

  4. Funny story.. I actually saw you walking around with Bessie! A little old man next to me said in a deep southern voice, "What is she going to do with that?!"

    I bet you'll do something perfectly unique with her!

  5. I can't believe that we didn't get a chance to meet! You SO needed to have your photo taken at my booth, Pent-Up Photos!!! I was right next door to Robelyn! How could we miss each other? Yes, I saw you and your perky little breasts (I'm bitter) at the blog party, but I had to get back to take pics and didn't have time to meet everyone! Honestly, I think that Bessie might be the very best buy of the show! If you get tired of her, let me know! She should be in my photos! I loved that stuffed reindeer! It was sold when I saw it. Would love to know the price it sold for! used to live in Wichita Falls? I was raised in Olney! Yikes! I am putting you on my blog list, girl and, yes, we will be meeting up at the Spring Show!


  6. Thanks for coming out to the party and it was great meeting you and your mom. Hope y'all enjoy the awning. Please come back each time for the party, you're always welcome!