Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kacie Goes to Marburger

We're baaaccckkk!!!!
Yes maams and sirs, the ROWDY GIRLS are back to Rockport!!!

Had a BLAST and can't wait til spring. So forgive all this mess for being out of order, but I gotta post things as I remember them,
otherwise....I might not remember them later.
Sooooo we'll start with Marburger.

We were Marburger virgins. We have never gone to that show. Why? I don't know. I can't really say why, but I think the last time we were in Warrenton,
it hadn't opened yet, and I was busy working the booth to do much shopping so never made it over there.

The night before Marburger opened, we stopped our partying at Zapp early, cause we knew we needed to get some rest and wanted to get up bright and early and be the first ones at the gates!
The brochure says it opens at 10, so we left our little place we're staying early thinking of we'll just park and wait til it opens.
My mom even wondered if they'd let us park there since it wasn't even 10 yet.
Oh well, we'll just wait by the road! Happy as clams...
Heigh ho! Heigh Ho! It's off to Marburger we go! 
We were clueless.

We roll into Warrenton, everyone's still closed. Start getting into Roundtop and.....holy cow.

9:30 in the morning and the cars were so backed up you couldn't even SEE Marburger's tents.
By the time we had gotten to the gates to turn in, I could see the crowds (and I mean CROWDS) of people waiting to get inside. We just pulled in as they let them inside, and let me tell you those women were running at those tents like 12 yr olds girl at an Nsync concert.
Kacie's Unofficial Tips and Tricks of Marburger....1.) Get up at the buttcrack of dawn if you wanna be first. And wear comfortable running shoes. 
I was shocked, amazed, and now really really excited to see just what the heck those women were trampling over each other for. Must be some gooooood stuff in those tents.

So we show our postcard, get our passes and hop on a golf cart to go get my "press credentials"
The girls in the office were so sweet. They asked for my name and immediately knew what blog I belonged to.

Let the shopping begin. We didn't even know where to start, or what to do. It was INSANE, there was so many people shopping and grabbing things left and right and oh my gosh. 
Tip #2) Ya snooze, ya lose. If you like it, you better grab it or pull out that money and get your name on it. 

If I hadn't of spent all my money in the fields the week before...that right there would be hanging in my bedroom right now.
Tip #3) Win the lottery or get a super rich sugar daddy husband before the next show. 

Now let me tell ya about Magnolia Pearl.

Saw that sign a mile away and made a beeline over there. HAD to see all this in person!!!

I poked my head past that moss....and that's as far as I got. That's as far as I COULD get, I know it's hard to tell but I don't think another person could have fit inside there. From the outside it looks like an enchanted forest, on the inside all you could see were shirts and bloomers flying and just jam packed full of people. Gorgeous, gorgeous stuff though! So I decided to maaaybe if I sneak around and go in the other entrance from the back.....

Yep, still insanely full on the other side too! We managed to make it a little bit inside the booth this time and I managed to take a couple more pictures...
It was for real like walking into a little fairy forest, with the moss all over and the women all dressed in those drapey gorgeous clothes. Except for that lady right there in the jeans, I bet she's in line to get some bloomers. Or maybe they were sold out at that point, with how fast I saw them grabbing them up and putting them on...I wouldn't be surprised!
 Which one do yooouuuu want?

But ya'll.....this booth stole my heart.

Now it's been rumored that my real parents were carnies and I was left on the side of the road, where rowdy mama found me....well, that's what they tell me anyways, and I truly do believe it sometimes because for real....it all just spoke to me.
And it wasn't just the circus music they had playing either, although that was pretty dang awesome and I was literally jumping up and down like a little kid at Chuck E Cheese.
Lemme tell ya, I love me some Chuck E Cheese.


That ticket booth wanted to come home with me. I wanted to jump in it and take a picture, but I didn't figure the booth owners would be too fond of that. How cool would that be in the shop though...
Tip #4......SEE TIP #3

Purty, purty, purty. The displays throughout Marburger are just plain awesome. Pictures really don't do them justice. So much eye candy, and great inspiration...seriously, after going there I was ready to go home and redecorate everything. 

Okay let's play a game! It's like "Where's Waldo?" Same concept, minus that tacky sweater and reverse color Santa hat.....I mean really Waldo?! With that outfit, I for sure would not want to find you. 

ANYWAYS WE'RE PLAYING A GAME LIKE WHERE'S WALDO! but this one's BETTER and called "What Wants to Go Home and Live at Kacie's House?" Ready.....GO!

Okay, game over. Everything wanted to come home with me.
Especially this guy.

          You can take a girl out of the saltwater....but you can't take the saltwater out of the girl!
And speaking of Where's Waldo...I played a bit of "I Spy" while at Marburger.. 
 Spotted that sucker from a mile away. THE HAMBURGER HELPER HAND!
That right there excited me more than words can say....the only time I've been more excited was when our Walmart marked down Hamburger Helper to 50 cents a box....it was like Christmas!!!! The cheeseburger one is my most favorite meal in the whole wide world. 
So yea, seeing that little hand smiling at me on that jacket, just waving and saying "Don't worry, in another week you'll be back home and reunited with those 15 boxes you bought of me!"
Ohh it's the little things in life... 
Anyways I'm getting off track here, FOCUS, KACIE! FOCUS!

Check theeeese beauties out...
How wicked and insanely badass are those?! 
Ohhhhh honeys how I want a whole bottlecap dining set after seeing this booth. 
And that little puppy up there followed me around the place just begging to go home with me. I'm so sorry little fella...just no room in the truck!!

 And it's always super cool to recognize and meet someone from your hometown....like FOUND IMAGES! 
They have a shop in the old downtown in Wichita Falls and we used to buy stuff from her all the time back when we lived up there....never though about it again until we found her booth at Marburger! 
Really, really sweet and we bought some shirts and coinpurses to carry in our shop!

 And something Marburger reminded me of.....
It's almost time for me to bust out my Christmas decorations! Yea, yea!
I just loved how this one looked. Again, these pictures don't do the displays justice and I'm a sucky picture taker. 

 Rowdy Mama wanted a picture of these, too dang cute. 

This one spoke to me though....Okay I know, I know last year I bought that 6ft hot pink pre-lighted tree, but now I have absolutely no room for it (and it doesn't match anymore...) so the pink one's going to the store, and I' thinkin a nice Charlie Brown-esque tree would look awesome this year. I just love the simple look to it. Or maybe an antler tree...but thats a whole 'nother story.


There's that saltwater influence sneakin' up on me again....bowl of barnacles anyone?

And uhh...yea your guess is as good as mine of what the heck I'm doin here...
Okay it's one of 4 things...
A.) Drunk traffic controller
B.) serving up a healthy dose of attitude to someone givin me trouble
D.) STOP..... IN THE NAAAAAME OF LOVE! (and in the name of super cute purses by the fab Robelyn of Red.Neck Chic!)

or was it just me simply wanting to show off my neato badge I got to wear all day!?
Tip # 5...stop smiling like that.


  1. I have never heard of Marburger but I can tell you that I would love it there. Holy crap.. I would be in the poor house afterward. I'm with you on the Christmas decor..can't wait!

    great pictures, I love seeing you with your mom.

  2. LOL You make me laugh so hard!!! Your super cute self is over on my blog right now...

    Thank You!!!!!!

    I can't believe I missed Magnolia Pearl - and the circus stuff?!! You would never have gotten me away from there!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  3. What a great post!!!! That sounds like one heck of a fun trip!!!!!

    Do you have any photos of that "cow skull" I got from you? I meant to post about it but just forgot!!!


  4. Oh girl, it was so funnnnnnn meeting you and your Mom. Your post was soooo funny. Keep that smile on your face. I'll see you in the SPring!!!
    Hugs, Tricia

  5. I just love you girl!!! you are funny as heck! My fav hamburger helper is chessy echiclada. However the hell you spill it! Don't go buy there directions though! 1 cup milk 1 up water and I also add shredded cheese on top!

    That place like like fun!!!! I'm in love with the circus stuff!

  6. I meant spell it! Damn! I give up!!! haha!

  7. I just LOVE reading about your fun trip to Marburger, and every thing else you saw and did!!! Looks like sooooo much fun and sooooo much eye candy!! Thanks for sharing....Cathy aka GGJ