Monday, November 29, 2010

Where art thou Rowdy Girl?!

I apologize for my lack of posts and commenting everybody, I'm a blogging failure I know.

Anyways, where have I been?! What have I been doing?!

Well....let's see.....

What started as an innocent second date to an A&M game last Saturday......turned into a 5 day long road trip. an AWESOME road trip with super hottie Jonathan. Yea I said it, super hottie.

Look how cool I am
--I made a mappy of everywhere we went. I typed mappy on accident and I think it's kind of cute so I'm going to leave it...anyways
Thanks Google maps
Surprisingly accomplished alot seeing as it was supposed to be just a one day sort of deal.
He even took me to visit my buddy Janessa and her new baby Audrey Rose who was born that Saturday night in New Braunfels.

Isn't she a doll??? I stole that picture from Janessa

And then Jonathan suggested heading to Fredericksburg for shopping the next day....uhhh hell to the yes!!!!!!
So we got a super cool hotel with all kinds of super cool stuff outside, and I even showed him my blog while we drank margaritas from the hotel's freezer in souvenir wine glasses thanks to the girl at the desk who looked alot like Sarah Palin.
And we roasted marshmellows and chased a kitty cat into a very scary looking barn.
Yep, my idea of fun.
That photo was most definitely not taken by me. I don't take cool photos, hell I don't even take photos because again I'm a complete failure to blogging. I should have just handed him the camera for the whole trip and made him be the photographer. For real. Okay, maybe I'm not a complete failure....I took this next one!
Totally an action shot of marshmellow roastin'

AND I  did get a picture of the coolest Christmas tree in the whole wide world in one of the shops in Fredericksburg, and I was two seconds away from kidnapping this tree.
So then after an incredible day of shopping and getting lots of Christmas shopping done (and some for myself!) he suggested going to San Antonio. There we just had a typical dinner and a movie.... meaning a Mexican dinner on the River walk complete with a Mariachi band, then heading back to the hotel and using the bathroom sink as a cooler and falling asleep to 16 and Pregnant on MTV. Awesome!!!!!!!

Then to Floresville for more shopping and lunch, then to Poth to check out a customer turned friend's boutique called Paisley's. They just opened and had a huge weekend, so we didn't get to really shop as they had a mess and were trying to clean up and recuperate, but from what we could see....suuuuper super cute. If you know where that is, or are ever going through the area definitely stop by! 

Theeeeeeeeeeen back to Rockport where we had steak at our friend's Heather and Kyle's house and played with the adorable miss Kylee (the official Rowdy Baby model!) and then home.....

just kidding. We went to the beach. Stayed out there til like 7 am. 
Crazy? Yes. Insanely fun? HELL yes!

So awesome dates aside (even had another awesome one this weekend...whoo hoo!) our family had a nice Thanksgiving, very mellow as always and DEEEEEELISH! Had almost an entire pumpkin pie to myself. Yum yum yum!

I got a little bit of Christmas decoratin' done...

That's all I got! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving <3

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tequila and Hairspray

ya'll know I'm all about the tequila and hairspray!!!!!!
These have been selling like hotcakes, unbelievable! Just got them done and they're selling out left and right, and have looots of orders 
(if you're interested...yes we do wholesale!)
So if you want one before better let me know real soon! 
It's a white burnout tee sizes small-xl, $26!
And the back tag has our mascot Oscar-the one earred gold horned bull!

I'm also working on a couple of *special* ones for the always fabulous Julia and her sweet sweet daughter Ashley of  Bay Window (click it and then go visit in person...that's an order!) here in Rockport. They are all so sweet at that shop, seriously you walk in and it's like walking into a super awesome slumber party from the 9th grade--giggling and gossiping and trying on all the cute clothes and they treat you just as if you all had matching bff bracelets. Just the sweetest girls ever! And they all came down to our open house last night and let me tell ya...those girls ARE the party! 
The open house was such a blast, thank you to everyone who attended! We had a really good turnout and got to visit with so many awesome people and made new friends!
Talk about a LOOONG day though! We were pooped!

And guess who didn't take any pictures of any of it?! Yep. That's right. This dumb bunny.

anywaaaaays.....Hope ya'll all had a wonderful weekend! <3

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Hair

It's more than just an addiction to hairspray.
It's the teasing, the spraying, the holding of your head upside down, and volumizing shampoo, the higher the hair the closer to God and Holy Hallelujah some of us are alot closer than others (I would be right up there too but this darn humidity down here is not working with me! ah!)
It's doing the limbo while getting in your car trying not to mess up that mountain atop your head.
It's determination, and trial and error (which spray, which mousse, which conditioner!?)
Ya'll it's a way of life.
 Now it's time for a history lesson...

Marie Antoinette
Not only did the lady like some cake, but she was keen on outdoing everyone else's hair.
This was before they outlawed putting ships in one's hair, so since she couldn't wear that nautical mess on her head anymore she donated it to a cool dude named Columbus and he went on to discover America in it.

And now...the queen.
There ain't enough words for this woman. I ADORE Miz Dolly! 
and for sure our newest shirt design is 100% right up her ally. 

Of course, I think she would require some crystals and sequins (Don't worry Dolly...that can be done!!!!)

Shout out to Jennifer @ All That Glitters --- This one's for you girl!!!!!!!!!!! She was the inspiration for this one, told you it'd be awesome on a shirt!

I've got it in all sizes- small thru xlarge- on a fitted white burnout tee....and it's only $26!
If you're interested in one, gimme a call at 361-790-8888

hope ya'll are all having a great hair day!