Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Hair

It's more than just an addiction to hairspray.
It's the teasing, the spraying, the holding of your head upside down, and volumizing shampoo, the higher the hair the closer to God and Holy Hallelujah some of us are alot closer than others (I would be right up there too but this darn humidity down here is not working with me! ah!)
It's doing the limbo while getting in your car trying not to mess up that mountain atop your head.
It's determination, and trial and error (which spray, which mousse, which conditioner!?)
Ya'll it's a way of life.
 Now it's time for a history lesson...

Marie Antoinette
Not only did the lady like some cake, but she was keen on outdoing everyone else's hair.
This was before they outlawed putting ships in one's hair, so since she couldn't wear that nautical mess on her head anymore she donated it to a cool dude named Columbus and he went on to discover America in it.

And now...the queen.
There ain't enough words for this woman. I ADORE Miz Dolly! 
and for sure our newest shirt design is 100% right up her ally. 

Of course, I think she would require some crystals and sequins (Don't worry Dolly...that can be done!!!!)

Shout out to Jennifer @ All That Glitters --- This one's for you girl!!!!!!!!!!! She was the inspiration for this one, told you it'd be awesome on a shirt!

I've got it in all sizes- small thru xlarge- on a fitted white burnout tee....and it's only $26!
If you're interested in one, gimme a call at 361-790-8888

hope ya'll are all having a great hair day!


  1. I've been meaning to get back with your saying!!! Damn heifers!!! haha!! Girl, I love it!!! My friend read the comments and she sd that's all you girl!!! She loved your comment! I love it too!!! Does $26 include shipping? lol!!! I will do a post on my blog too. I love it girlfriend!!!

  2. I have always been about wild, big Texas hair!!! I think that the older I get, the wilder my hair gets!!! LOL
    Cathy aka GGJ

  3. Girl, you hit the spot with that shirt!!!! Love it! Love it!! Me & my big hair approve! I will have big hair forever, and now I'll have a tshirt to prove it! Perfect!
    HUgs, Tricia

  4. stooping by the way of ALL THAT GLITTERS!! cUTEst BLOG.. I am a Texas gal be back to see ya soon!! hugs.. come see me!

  5. HEy Miss Kacie!!! I got that bath and body works coupon in the mail! It was buy any item get a signature collection item free! No size restrictions!!! So I just bought a small hand santizer for $1.50! Whoo hoo!!!