Monday, December 20, 2010

Early Christmas + Ninja Turtle Reunion = Best Weekend Ever!

Thursday night Jonathan came down and we immediately exchanged gifts the minute he walked in the door.

I think he was being kind of slow opening it, so I decided to help him out.
I know. Me? Bossy?! Neveeerrrr.

That sweetheart got me the prettiest red bracelet (You can see it on my arm in the above pics, and also in the pictures beeeelow!) and all these pictures were taken with my NEEWW pink camera he also got me. I always complain about how I never take enough pictures and how I'm the worst blogger boy went and got me a shiny new camera. 
He is just so darn sweet. So then we spent the rest of the night watching Christmas movies, making a 2 am trip to Whataburger, and falling asleep on the couch. Super fun =)

See the pretty red sparklies on my arm?????????

 Jonathan's Christmas tree in his truck...I even made him a little tree skirt for it. 

Remember when I posted about Halloween, and how the ninja turtles won $200 in a costume contest?
Well we finally spent our winnings on Friday.
I told everyone it was definitely going to be a ninja turtle kind of night....and it definitely was.

And we all danced the night away...

 Now that amazing high-five action shot is probably the most awesome picture from the night. That's my brother Brad, and his cougar friend Pam. This lady just randomly appears next to him and starts telling him how she can't find the front door. She was d r u n k deluxe. I couldn't hear half the conversation, all I know is it scared Jonathan enough for him to walk away from her and at one point she was basically laying on Brad.
I guess Brad gave her directions to the door finally, because I saw him point towards it and then this amazingness happened. I can't take credit for it though, Jonathan was our photographer for the night.

Then Saturday night after an amazing dinner--
Jonathan, Shannon and I chose to go out again while the others chose to sleep. Who needs sleep!?

 While us blondes were gettin' our groove on, this lady decided she wanted to join us.

So I gave her a proper welcome....oh lordy.

Sunday us ladies went Christmas shopping and miss Kylee fell in love with the doggy in Old Navy.
Actually she fell in love with all of the mannequins at Old Navy.

But she loved doggy the most.


  1. Looks like lots and lots of fun! The red bracelet looks very cute also...he did an excellant job!

  2. Wow...what a party girl!!! Glad you had so much fun...happy holidays!

  3. Well, honey he sure is cute! You are lookin mighty cute yourself!!! I love the cougar part! I swear I belong in TX! We would get in trouble though! "BIG GRIN!"

  4. Love the black top, and a date dancing sounds like so much fun. What a guy you have--a pink camera?! Cute. I'd love to see that sparkly bracelet up close!