Wednesday, August 25, 2010

lil bit of an update

Nothin' new, or exciting, or even really interesting going on here.

Went to the beach on Sunday...

Did a little more babysitting yesterday and today....
Poor sweetie had a fever yesterday, but nothin' will stop a girl from shopping!
I swear she tried on every boot in the store. She had her heart set on a pair of baby blue ostrich ones....that were like a men's 11!!! I think she shares the same shoe motto as me..."AS LONG AS THEYRE CUTE...THE REST DON'T MATTER!"

Started to give my bathroom a makeover...

Cabinets done.....walls.....not done. Will do tomorrow...or the next day. 
SOMETIME next week?! Whatever

Actually, that's really what I should be working on now.
Instead, it's this------
Cuddling, watching tv, and blogging with my doggy Marlin. 

He's happy, I'm happy, hope ya'll are happy and havin' a great week =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Rowdy Maui has a new employee....

Well, we did yesterday anyways....
My friend Heather needed a babysitter for her sweet little girl Kylee and OF COURSE we said we'd do it!
I just adore this little angel!

She found a bait bucket in the "man cave" which became a super awesome noise maker toy when you put a starfish in it. 

She's our official "Rowdy Baby" model...
The first pictures she had on our "Too Much Like My Mama" tee, and ruffle socks.
Then while I was gone helping waitress at a little shop a few doors down, Mom dressed her in our embellished zebra pants and pink deer tee.

Ive got tons more little girl stuff coming in and that we're working on...can't wait to share it all!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's that time of year....

I'm BACK!!!!! and with a vengeance!!!!!!!!!!
No, not really. But I am back though!

I had a wonderful weekend, went to the Frio River with some friends and had an awesome time. (I'll post a couple pictures at the end of this!)
sad news....

Summer is over. =(

Ya'll the saddest thing I've ever seen is an empty beach. Breaks my heart everytime.

There's pretty much only two things that get me through fall and winter....
One of course is Christmas....and the other....
Roundtop Antique Week. 

As terrible as it might sound, I think I get more excited about antique week...
But for real ya'll it's like Disney land for this girl.

I've had booths and gone just to shop.....and this time, I'm doin' a little bit of both.

I'll be bringin' some of my goodies....

But will be BUYING way more than selling....
There should be pictures here of all the fun junk and places to go in Roundtop but uhh....I can't find any of my pictures. I had to steal just a couple of these from my facebook page haha
Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!!!

See that gorgeous baby in the back? With the lights? Oh yea, it came home with us.
I stole that picture from our friends Edward, Jesse, and Linda. They have a  fab booth in Bar W field.......ooohhhhh I know theygot some good junk just waiting for meee!!!!
And Marburger...OH lordy lordy. I don't even have pictures of the good stuff there...what is wrong with me?! I stole these from Marburger's website......

Everything in these pictures is just begging to come home with me....
Shhh...listen....don't you hear it? "Please Kacie I want to live with youuuu"

Since I'm such a loser and can't find any of my own dang pictures, go to Marburger's website....
No, I'm serious go. Oh heck, forget the website actually GO to the show, I promise you it's worth every damn penny and every mile you gotta drive. Like I said, Antique Week is like Marburger is like the big giant castle with all the fireworks behind it. 

Okay, I'm drooling. I'm so ready to go right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and by the way.......junk prom? I need a date this year!  Any takers? ;)
See?? Where else can I get away with that?! I get to show my true colors ya'll! haha!

Anyways, here's a couple pictures from this weekend...yea, I definitely failed since I didn't get my camera out until the last day...I was too afraid I'd drop it or get water on it and ruin it so it stayed in my bag the whole time....and okay, I forgot about it too.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We got mentioned on Texas Monthly's Website!!!!

OMG. Talk about AWESOME! Just found out our little ol store and our peach margarita cupcakes and shark jerky got a mention on Texas Monthly's website!!!
Can I get a HELL YEA?!?!?!?!??!?!

It's towards the end of the interview thingy, things that didn't quite make the actual article, but this is just as big to us as if they had posted a huge picture of store saying BEST PLACE EVER
So excited!!!!

Here's the link....


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gypsy Brocante and a Fresh Start

So this week has been....not the easiest. Dealing with some unexpected heartbreak, and trying
to find myself and a new direction. Just gotta remember--everything happens for a reason.
Thankfully I've had alot of support from my family and friends to keep me motivated. Unfortunately for me, I had started dieting and eating all that healthy junk with my mom two days prior to the "break up."
So this.......
Was a no-no. Girl can't even drown her sorrows in a tub of ice cream.

Yea, I know. Way to kick someone when they're already down, right?! 
So late last night when I got home, I got a real big pick-me-up.

Now you ladies now what really helps with a broken heart....


I'm talking stinkin' cute, handmade, awesome, squealing when it comes in the mail jewelry. 

And Miss Jill over at Gypsy Brocante....such a sweetheart and amazing at what she does. 
OH I'll just shut up and let her work speak for itself!!!!!!!
How freakin' adorable is that?!?!
She used old dishes, old chains, old keys, and RHINESTONES!   ooohhh I just love me some cute vintage goodness turned into something completely new (and matches my most favorite pair of boots too!!)
and the key...has a LION on it! Totally didn't even notice it when she first posted pictures, and I have to say the pictures totally don't do these babies justice. I mean they look awesome in pictures, but in person....Like I said, I squealed after I ripped open the envelope. Jill, I cannot thank you enough! 
If you haven't checked out this awesome lady and her awesome goods,  get on over to Gypsy Brocante  (and her Blog!) She's got just the cutest stuff, and makes some of the neatest jewelry and accessories. Definitely fit for gypsies!!!!!!!!! So what are you waiting for? I'm done tellin stories, so now go shopping and buy yourself somethin' pretty!!!!!!! 

See? Not only is her jewelry gorgeous, but it causes you to smile like a kid in a candy store. 

And hopefully *fingers crossed!!!* I'll have some really, really exciting new to share....
when one door closes, another one opens.....

And I'll be opening a BIG ONE. 

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful week <3

Friday, August 6, 2010


Okay question:
what involves pistols, rocks......

horseshoes, skulls, crystals........

mermaids, flowers, fish, guitars, crosses, seashells, anchors and more crystals?



Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rowdy Girl Candles Pt 2

Got in our third scent... LOLA'S CANTINA!

And finished the labels!
Each one comes with two little charms that match the scent 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Guess who's computer is fixed???

That's right....THIS GIRL! 
Yay! Happy dance time!

Okay, enough.  
So anyways, here's what I've been up to this past week...

A few custom orders:

And a few things to put in the shop:

And late at night, this:


Working on my dad's website at 2 am makes me a very hungry girl.
Leftover from lunch Popeye's red beans and rice, leftover from dinner Domino's pizza, Chocolate chip cookie mix.....and a diet coke. 
Gotta watch those calories, right?!