Saturday, September 18, 2010

Marburger and My Birthday Party at Cabelas

It started raining cats and dogs here this afternoon....of course, not until it was time to close up and head home, and I got SOAKED to the bone....but guess what came in the mail today????

That's right! A BIG YELLER ENVELOPE! With my name on it! And it came first class so it must be important.....

I get in Marburger for FREEEEE! And I will receive press credentials!.....I'm not gonna lie, I ain't real sure what that all means, but it sounds important and makes me feel special. YEE HAW!
(And seeing my blog name at the bottom made me giggle) 
Those folks also sent a free tshirt! How sweet!
 Totally rockin' that 'wet dog' meets 'drowned rat' look....but the shirt is cute! 

Okay, so it's not like they just randomly saw my blog and thought "OH MY GOSH, KACIE. WE LOVE YOU, HERE'S SOME FREE TICKETS." (I bet they secretly think that though.....I wish!)
The oh-so-wonderful Miz Fancy over at Cactus Creek posted awhile back about Marburger, and if you blogged about your upcoming trip you could get some free tickets....and you know I'm allllllll over that. 

So I am all kinds of excited ya'll. I'm ready to go NOW!

And guess where I spent my 22nd birthday on Tuesday??

Yep. Cabelas.
We went up to Austin to visit my Grandma and left that night so we could "beat the Austin traffic" in other words.....we wanted to get away from those crazy drivers so we could be the first ones in the door at Cabela's when it opened the next day.
We got a hotel right across the street. 

My mom and I have a tradition of "freeing the animals" everytime we go there. In other words, we take all the stuffed animals for sale and put them with the real stuffed animals. Someone wised up though and put all the stuffed fish pillows in a big bin next to the fish aquarium, that kind of ruined it.
What?  I wanted pillows to match my new chair cushions. 

Kidding, kidding. They did want to come home with me though.

I got antlers too. 
We've been having a really good laugh over this one cause that man looked exactly like my daddy, only with greyer hair. 
Yes, I know. I have the maturity of a 12 year old boy, but come on. If there was a big zebra ass, you would take a picture with it too!!

And my birthday night was spent at some Captain appreciation dinner with my parents. Free steak dinner and open bar.....hell yes.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Ohhhhhh my goodness. Ya'll know what I'm talkin about right?

Cannot wait to see this sign in person.....and all the wonderful treasures just past it! I'm like a little kid just before Christmas, I can't sleep, I can't eat (okay I'm lying, I can definitely eat!) and I'm just biting my nails in anticipation cause I can't WAIT! I'm so excited! 

I won't have a booth this year unfortunately, but I will have a few things for sale in my friend Penny's booth. 
I'll have all my guitars like theeeeeeese:

I'll have some other painted junk.....some of theeeeeesseee:

Penny will have all of her fabulous handmade jewelry, and her own artwork! She's a Frida Freak, and has some super fun works liiiike.......
Isn't that darling???? She also has some adorable clothing, vintage accessories, cute painted leather purses...
Located in Dillard's Field riiiiiight on Dillard's Porch! She's got a little sign out by the road that says GAUDY CHIC! Definitely go check out all the goods! Penny is one wild woman, but she's such a sweetie so go tell her hi!!!!!  (And let her know I sent ya!!)  

Now ya'll probably won't see me in her booth very much, cause I plan on doin' some serious shopping.
So you might see me out in one of the fields or browsing through on the look out for a loud bleach blonde hoochie mama in boots with her arms full of dead animals....I know, I know, there's alot of those during antique week.....maybe I'll just borrow Daddy's viking helmet from junk prom last fall to set myself apart...
My mom looks thrilled doesn't she? HA! We had so much fun! I remember after junk prom a friend and I went back into La Grange and were in line for a pizza at a gas station (it was the only place open!!)....and we got to talking to the woman and man behind us. They had also just come from junk prom and we were all saying how much fun we had etc etc, when out of her husbands mouth "Did ya'lll see that crazy guy in the viking helmet?!"
And I was able to proudly claim him as my father. 

Now I'm making a list and checkin' it ten hundred times of the different places and people I MOST DEFINITELY HAVE TO VISIT during antiques week.
Let me know who's goin, if ya got a booth, how to find ya, even if you're just goin to junk prom....let me know!!!
Would LOVE to meet all ya'll!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

George Fever

We've got GEORGE fever over here at Rowdy Maui! 

We've got our "re-rocked" sparklin' vintage concert tees as well as signs and some "All My Ex's Live in Texas" burnout tees!


 Every time we run to Walmart or Heb we ALWAYS keep our eyes peeled, just hopin' and wishin' we'd see George grocery shopping there. *sigh* Almost five years here and NOT ONCE.
A friend of mine who's family has a house down here and both her and her sister have been on a George hunt since they first stepped foot in Rockport years ago.... well a couple months ago she told us how she was out for her morning run when a man on a bicycle started riding right next to her.......and she looked over and there he was....
Of course, she said she was just so shocked she was unable to say anything. (If it were me, I'd be tryin' to chat up a storm or offer him a pair of painted boots HA!)  
 We have people come in the store everyday in the summer asking where he is, where's his house, where does he hang out.
Seriously, forget Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster or those silly UFO's....GEORGE STRAIT IS OUT THERE!!!!! 

And then there's people who claim to see him out in "disguises" around Rockport.
Hmm........makes me question that little old lady in the catfood aisle..............

So I guess until the day he walks in our store and says "Kacie, I want me a pair of those painted boots!"
His face on all these awesome shirts will just have to do. 

Hope all ya'll are having a great week!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rantin' and Ravin' and the Stuff in Between

WHEW! What a week! From datin' to bitchin' to droppin my cellphone in the toilet...this past week has been quite a circus.

First and foremost, check out my cute new cushions! Picked this chair up in July from a junk shop for $15, super sturdy and so comfy...but the cushions were this awful orange and brown with leaves and acorns, with weird plaid....I don't know, just not my thing. So anyways, I took them to be recovered about 8 weeks ago, and was told they'd be done by the end of the week...

 Yea just got them yesterday....but totally worth the wait! I'm soooo excited and in LOVE with them!
Purty purty purty!

And I finished painting the bathroom and just about got all that done. I'm waitin till Warrenton to get me some huge awesome *somethin* to stick on the wall.

NO PINK! Can you believe it?! Not gonna lie, kinda miss my Barbie pink made me feel all glamour-y when I was getting ready in the mornings. But this one is so much brighter, and it matches the bedroom! I'll post more pictures once I get all the decor and junk fixed right.

Then I dropped my phone in the toilet. Yea. But it's not how you'd think someone would drop it in the toilet. See I was using that little mirror in the picture and I was turned around trying to see the back of my hair do and SOMEHOW (still investigating this one) my big ol butt sent my hair brush, a small towel and my cellphone flying. Of course the brush and towel just land next to the potty, but the cellphone goes RIGHT IN.
Ya'll this is my third cellphone this year.
The first one the keyboard died, then I wasn't getting calls.
THEN I spill acetone all over the next one and then it quits getting calls.
AND THEN I get my mom's old phone (which was basically brand new) and suddenly it doesn't make calls either.
Okay.....just kidding, this is my 4th phone.
LUCKILY it's still working...Lesson learned: Cellphone does not go anywhere near the bathroom.
I always say I'm too much like my mama....but in this case I'm turning into my daddy. He's the king of ruining cell phones!  He's left 'em out in snow, buckets of water, lost 'em in the ocean, dropped in lakes, left out on the patio ground during a rainy day, dropped in the trash, and who knows what else he's done that he just ain't told us yet.

And as if that's not bad enough, my laptop pretty much died the other night.
Then one of my shirt machines breaks yesterday. Ya'll I ain't having much luck with any kind of technology.

But my boots are cute, so that sort of makes me feel better.

And lastly all I gotta say sure are some crazy people in this world.
God bless all ya'll, hope ya'll have a great weekend and I pinky promise I'll be back with better posts and more pictures once I get this hang of this new dang laptop!!!!!!