Sunday, January 23, 2011


Long time no see, huh? I've been rather busy lately....
a little work, a little play....

but mostly play as the past couple weeks were spent with this handsome boy while he was home from work for three weeks. 

Big smiles!
It was a wonderful couple of weeks filled with roadtrips, mini vans, silliness, 3 am Whataburger trips, Louisiana casinos, shopping and of course--guitar hero. 
I already miss my hunny bunny!

But now....girl's gotta get back to work!
Hope ya'll are all doing well! Time to do some catching up!


  1. Hey wild woman!!!! I'm seriously in love with your boots! Glad your having a blast! Win us some money!! lol!

  2. I was just wondering the other day where that cute Texas "pistols and cupcakes" girl went? Now I know! wink, wink!
    I too love your wild an crazy boots!
    Cathy aka Girls Gone Junkin

  3. There's my girl Kacie!!! While I am living just a little bit through you.. HELLO Mr Cutie!!! I'd be all smiles too! Glad to see you.
    great job on the boots.

  4. Love those boots...can't wait to see what else you come up with! xo...deb

  5. Absolutely LOVE the boots! I wished I lived closer so I could visit your boutique...Neat stuff, girlfriend! You look like a really fun - cool person! (Don't panic, I'm not going to stalk you or anything!) :):) I know I'm new to your site, but I just wanted to let you know I gave you an award...if you're interested, go check it out on my blog (no worries, if you're not interested) Just wanted to let you know I'm enjoying reading thru your posts!

  6. Oh my, I love those boots! : ) Is Rowdy Maui online? FB? Twitter? Anything? lol, now I think I am stalking you girl.... those are my kind of style!