Monday, March 21, 2011


 This past month has been iNsAnE!!!
From fulfilling tons of wholesale orders, online orders, and trying to keep straight those two from the in-store orders--mom and I are officially in that "we're so tired we're walking in circles and can't tell our heads from our butts" stage.

That of course is a butt. 

 Then with spring break around the corner, you know something's going to go wrong and YES! It does! I believe there's a law by Murphy or Einstein, Bill Cosby or maybe I read it on a bumper sticker-- "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."

 And boy did it go wrong. With "technical" difficulties and things just breaking (no hammers were involved) and feeling like we had zero merchandise in the shop, it's a wonder we both survived.

In the middle of that, I scheduled a little 'photoshoot' with two sweet girls who I had an absolute BLAST with! I needed images for our website, wholesale catalogue, and all that junk. It was a little windy, and on a busy Saturday and they got loooots of attention.

Thank you Casey and Haley :)

And super thanks to my sweet, sweet boyfriend for letting us use his pretty blue truck in our shoot!

Then Jonathan decided to join in on the modelling....

Okay, he didn't decide to join in, I decided for him by asking pretty please with a cherry on top...but seriously! Look at this boy!
 If I was 13, I would have his picture taped up in my locker, but I'm 22. So I have it taped up in my office ;)

That night we had a double date with Heather and Kyle! We had yummy Mexican food, margaritas, bowling, and more margaritas. Tons of fun!

Totally love this girl! Not only is she an awesome friend and suuuper super fun to be around...but she and Kyle are the ones who introduced Jonathan and I :)
Then after a small trip to Houston turning into a roadtrip to Louisiana and back to Rockport, my wonderful sweet boyfriend Jonathan left for Turkey! AH! This girl may or may not have ate her weight in junk food at first.....but I'm out of my ice cream coma now! Jon made it safely and is doing well, so all is good! :)
Now it's back to this--

and this---

and maybe just a little junkin' in between ;)
(Spring show! WHOO HOO!!!!)  
And the craziest part of my spring break?!?!! 
I finally updated to one of those fancy shmancy space phones and learned how to use Skype. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's not just on our new tee.....

Yes, that's right world.
I, Kacie, am a homewrecker.

You know, -the big shiny silver on wheels sitting in my yard kind of home-wrecker....

Ya'll remember the inside of my dear Betsey Boo right??? The pretty aqua ceiling, the rainbow curtain, the awesomely vintage bedspread?!
Well....give a girl a hammer, a screwdriver and her daily Sonic Route 44 cherry vanilla diet coke and you get this.......


Where did the bed go? Let me show you....

Now this picture sure makes that bed and big piece of plywood look really small. But I promise you it was definitely cut for a full sized bed, and when you're just a 5'7" girl who gets winded after walking to the kitchen for a snack...moving this baby out of a teeny tiny little airstream door by yourself is no easy task.
Especially when said girl didn't THINK to remove the mattress from out of the front of the door before trying to remove the wood. Sheesh. Now I know. Anyways....

Slowly, but surely I will restore Betsey. I plan on making her into my little "studio"
A place to store my paints and all my crafty stuff--and a nice little getaway to go and work on new goodies to share with all of you!
I'm really excited about this, I know I talk about it ALOT and never actually DO it, but this time I AM. This is my big goal of this year!
So stay tuned....hopefully I will have time in the next few weeks to continue on the destruction renovations.