Thursday, July 28, 2011

Official Gypsy Status, Ya'll!

Hey ya'll!
I am alive, well, and writing to you from a hotel room in Houston where I've been since late Tuesday night.(more on that in a bit!)

NOW let's get ya'll caught up on what's been happening in Rowdyville. Your darlin' dear Pistols has been a very busy gal. ;)

Oh yea, and the manfriend?

Yea, we're still together :)

Life is GOOD ya'll! All kinds of amazing things in the works. Over 23 locations carrying the Rowdy line and more being added each month. How CRAZY is that?! I am so blessed to be living out my dream everyday and seeing this business grow. In fact, we've even caught word of their being Rowdy Maui knockoffs now.
WOW. Well, alright. Thanks? Anyways, now that you're caught up,


I've taken a much needed vacation to a beautiful tropical location......I wish!
The manfriend has lots of training this time while he's home so I chose to come with him to the big city and hang out in his hotel during the day, so I can hang out with him at night.
I figured this would be a good time to catch up on computer junk and just relax a little bit. WRONG-O. I'm barely caught up. I spent all of Wednesday on the phone, all day Thursday working on a catalog (which still looks terrible) and this morning I am blogging and preparing to work on some way overdue custom designs and get together some other things.

Now this was all typed up nice and fancy on Friday morning and for some reason the darn internet in the hotel wasn't working, so it had to wait a while.

We came back to Rockport last night and got to hang out at Heather & Kyles's and visit with everyone. BTW my girl Heather just started a brand spankin' new blog (!) to go with her brand spankin' new auctioneering adventure. Seriously, she just started this whole auctioneer thing and she is really, really good. She's just as sweet as can be, you will adore her--go show her some love HERE!

You may remember her daughter Kylee, one of the first Rowdy Maui models ;)
But seriously swing on over to her blog and say hi!

And now, it's back to worky work. The boy has training allllllll week but I'll be able to see him this weekend before he leaves back to Turkey on Monday. *Sigh* My baby's leavin' on a jet plane....again.

UPDATE: So another week passes and I still haven't posted this. Why? Because I've moved up to official gypsy status. Living out of a bag for 2 weeks now, ahhh life on the road.
I ended up tagging along with Jonathan for his second week of training. I know, I am supposed to be working. But I haaaave been working in this here hotel. Just about caught up on custom orders, finished the catalog, and now focusing on the fall line. So it's definitely been a good, productive trip and of course I get to see my hunny bunny chicken biscuit in the evenings :)

Anyways, about this fall line.....

More on that later ;)


  1. You make me LAUGH and girl, I am so proud of you!!!

    As I was told last week... they can TRY to be you - but they will NEVER be you...

    and - I'm so PROUD of YOU!!! Did I say that already? Hmmmm....

    Go have fun with your life and your man-friend - just remember to check in!!!


  2. Your sweetie pie must work in the oilfield like me and my hubby! That's the only profession I know that takes you to training in Houston and then off to Turkey haha! I sell rig equipment and my hubby works on the rigs, it's tough being apart but it pays off in the long run. Enjoy your time together!!

  3. I love the way you write.. haha reminds me of my daily crazy life. Super excited to see the Fall line!


  4. I could KISS YOUR FACE!! Thanks for showin´ me some love!! I´m glad business is GREAT!! Can´t wait to see the fall designs!!!

  5. I'm excited for Fall stuff : ) I know what it is like having a busy BF, mine is always locked in a studio all hours of the night & for weeks at a time lol.

  6. I am so glad that life is well and that you are having a blast living it!!
    I can't wait to see some of your new stuff.

  7. I'm following your blog :)

  8. I like so much the full of life and love!