Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Behind the Boots: A VH1 Spectacular Special

Everyday we receive inquiries and questions regarding the painted boots. I know you've all heard my spill of "NO STENCILS, NO PAINT PENS, NO CRAFT STORE ACRYLICS." but the real question is "Do they last?" I can preach to you all day about YES! They do last! but as they say the proof is in the puddin'

I wish I was a better blogger. That way, I would have all these pictures of my boot girls coming in the shop to show me how great their boots have lasted. During the summer, we have this mother and daughter that visit every year and are as sweet as can be. I painted a pair of boots and some jeans for her years ago (we weren't even Rowdy Maui at that time!) and she comes in each summer and lets us know her daughter is still rockin' those boots. Her daughter does alot of rodeo events, so you know those boots have been through alot! I swear this summer I will finally ask her to send me a picture. Pinky promise!!!

Anyways, even though I don't have pictures of this girl's testimony, nor of the famed Jodi who wore her boots into the ocean chasing her grandbaby, but I do have pictures of my very own pair of painted boots.
Now, these boots have been through hell and back and I ain't joking.
I had several painted pairs prior to these (several I sold right off my own feet) but these became my go-to pair for everything. Dressing up? Birdy boots. Dressing down? Birdy boots. Junkin in the fields through the rain and mud? Birdy boots. Lifting my foot up onto a stool during a photoshoot? Birdy boots.
These were painted in 2006. It is now 2012, right? So that's 6 years. Although that may not sound THAT long, if you're rough on your shoes and go through them like tissues during a bad cold, you know 6 years is like flippin' forever. 

These boots have also been through many hair color changes with me ;)
Then one day I decided I wanted those birds to be a lighter blue, so I painted them a lighter blue. Now normally, I strip the boots again and start completely over, but this lazy son of a gun just painted right on top of that blue, and figured "hey if they last a couple more months, then I can get a new pair"
This was about spring break 2008. Although the boots right now are not in wearable condition, that paint still looks about the same way it did when they were first painted. 

I'll be 100% honest with you on these, I really did not expect them to last long after my half-assed paint change, but figured oh well they would be a good learning experience for me, and I could use them for testing once they went bad. Well, they didn't. The photo above was taken today February 7, 2012. I have not altered the photo, nor have I altered the boots since the blue change in 2008. 
BAM. The paint outlasted the soles.

Did I really just type "BAM" up there? Anywho, I have nothing to hide here folks. I stand behind my work, and I want you to be confident with my work as well.

  Here I've folded the boot in half pretty much, I just want to show ya'll these do stay great. Although I admit to half-assing mine a bit, I do pour my heart and soul into every pair I paint. I want to work with you and make your boots as unique and original as you. This all started because I couldn't afford a pair of fancy custom boots, and wasn't happy with a pair of plain brown ones. After having others take notice and inquire of where I got them, if they could get some too etc, I started tinkering with it. Of course, my very very first pairs sucked. They totally bombed and did not last, and did not make it onto the shelves. You wouldn't believe the amount of paints, chemicals, and processes I tried in the beginning, and even to this day I am still testing out different finishes, textures, just trying to give more options for ya'll. 

Above is another pair of boots of mine. They started out simple, I left them brown and added in some flowers, some zebra, nothing too crazy.
As you know I can leave well enough alone, and two years later decided they needed a facelift :)
And a year later, decided they needed yet another one. See? This is the problem. I like everything, but don't own enough pairs of boots to paint everything I want on them. So this is my experimental pair that will continue to change until they completely give out. These were even used in our Fall/Winter 2011 photoshoot!

I've painted boots for rodeo girls, up & coming superstars, 4 year old divas, high school seniors, college graduates, newly engaged couples, brides, and even a pair for my dad the fishing guide, and some incrdibly wild women. I do guarantee my work, if you have problems with your boots I am more than happy to fix 'em right up. When I say I stay behind my work, I truly mean it. I've had maybe 4 girls bring their boots in for touchups, and although they were minor cosmetic issues, they had all been wearing those painted boots for ATLEAST  a year.  Most of these cosmetic issues were caused with having a bad dancing partner (also known as scuffed toes) 
So if you treat your painted boots like a nice pair of shoes, of course they will stay in perfect condition for years to come, but there's no need to worry about getting a little dirt on them. They'll be okay, I promise!

 Any questions? Holler at me anytime KCDC@RowdyMaui.com :) 
Thanks for reading, wishing you all a fantastic wonderful awesome ROWDY week! xoxo